Single Monuments

Single monuments are erected in remembrance and celebration of an individual's life. Including personal sentiments, reflections or design components will evoke memories of their life forever. (A single sized monument can also be used for two individuals when designed for a double-depth grave.)

Upright Double Monuments

Together Forever, -A vow taken at marriage that stands true forever. Double sized monuments are designed for those who wish to be together forever in side by side burial plots.

Grass Markers

Flat, grass markers, or also commonly known as footstones, can be a simple, economical alternative to an upright monument. They can also accompany a family stone. Though these memorials sit flush with the ground, most have a polished border and a multitude of design options which help to create a memorial unique to your loved one.

Bronze Monuments

Cast in bronze, the same as many world renowned civic monuments, bronze markers sit flat with the ground. They can be affixed to a granite base or stand alone. In some cemeteries or individual sections within a cemetery these type of markers are a requirement.


In certain situations a family may want a stunning sanctuary designed solely for them, their ancestry and their loved ones. With an extravagant mausoleum or above ground crypt, your family’s heritage and elegant taste will be preserved forever.

Lettering Fonts

Uniquely display your family surname or give the sentiments you’ve already chosen an even more personal touch with our choice of many different types of lettering fonts. Classic, Modern, Script—a text for any taste can be found in our collection.

Granite Colors

Our monuments are made with only the best granite the earth has to offer. We've spanned the globe to find the strongest, purest, most striking granite available. Many types are found right here in the United States, though India and Africa supply a great selection as well. Unlike marble and other types of lower grade granites, our choice of granite will resist cracking, rusting and weather damage.